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Collective sale with minimum price of $500 million for Watten Estate Condominium

Adelene Chua and Nathaniel Chua, husband and wife, had been searching for a site to pilot their Artisann Villas flagship for over a year. They came across an old detached house near a cul de sac on Jalan Dermawan at Hillview Garden Estate. Adelene says that she likes the site’s terrain and the fact it is elevated and surrounded with greenery. “When you look at land, it can be about how you feel about it and whether it is something you like.”

Nathaniel was also captivated at the view from the second story of the former bungalow. He says, “We could see Bukit Tamah Hill and Bukit Timah Nature reserve,”
According to URA Realis caveat, they made an offer for the property that was 9,610 sq feet in size and freehold at 78 Jalan Dermawan. They paid $8.53million ($888 per square foot) for it in May 2019.

Artisann Villas is currently under development. It consists of a pair semi-detached and detached houses. Nathaniel says, “We wanted to make a vacation home idea.”
Formwerkz Architects was formed by Alan Tay and Gwen Tan. Seetoh Kum loon is the head of Formwerkz. Formwerkz’s Cloister House was the project that impressed the Chuas the most and led them to choose them to be the Artisann Villas design architect. It is a bungalow on 43,000 square feet with an origami ceiling.
Cloister House was awarded the Design of the Year Award last year for its innovative and impactful design.

Family needs inspire

Adelene says that the Artisann Villas design was influenced by family. She says that luxury of space is essential to the quality and enjoyment of life, particularly for landed properties. The houses have generous communal areas where families can gather as well as pockets of privacy which can be used to retreat to when they need privacy. Adelene says that this has resulted in a seamless flow of space from the living area to the dining area and kitchen island within each house.

The double volume ceiling in the interiors adds to the feeling of luxury and space. Full-height windows and doors with full height glass offer natural light in the house as well as views of the greenery. Adelene also points out that the area of Jalan Dermawan has a low density, with only semi-detached and detached houses. Artisann Villas, with their lofty perch and double pitched roofs, are “a hidden gem in Hillview enclave”, she says.

Paul Teo, Senior Associate District Director at PropNex Realty, Artisann Villas’ exclusive marketing agent, said that the basement level of these houses is located at street level due to the site’s elevation. Each house has four levels, a basement and a first and second-level as well as an attic. The detached house with five bedrooms, 78B Jalan Dermawan has a land area measuring 5,094 square feet and a built-up area measuring 7,638 square feet. The long driveway that leads up to the house adds to its exclusivity. Teo says that the driveway is large enough to accommodate seven cars.

Semi-detached homes are designed to be mirror images of each other. Each house is built up to 4,531 sq.ft and has four bedrooms. The semi-detached house at 78A Jalan Dermawan has a built-up area of 2,154 sq.ft. The one at 78 Jalan Dermawan has a land surface of 2,232 sq.ft. Teo estimates that each driveway can hold three cars.

Each house includes a pool and a landscaped yard. Luxurious fittings include Italian-made Cubo designer kitchen systems as well as German-branded kitchen appliances like Bosch and Gaggenau.

Nature, amenities close by

Teo says, “This location appeals to people who love being near nature.” It is located in a residential area that is quiet and hilly. The site is also near Bukit Timah and Bukit Batok Town Parks.

‘Focus on boutique, artisanal houses’

The Chuas have not yet developed Artisann Villas. Adelene was an owner of an architectural and interior design firm before becoming a developer. Nathaniel was also a member of an interior design and architectural firm. The Chuas have collaborated previously with other partners on previous developments, including West Shore Residences in 2014, which was an eight-unit townhouse project; and D’Hillside Loft in Pasir Panjang Hill, a boutique apartment project of 20 units that was completed in 2005.

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