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HDB executive apartment with jumbo-sized flat in Ang Mo Kio for sale at $899,000

Lendlease and JTC have partnered to develop and research a digital platform that automates the design and manufacture of construction parts.

JTC will be joining Lendlease Podium’s Singapore Manufacturing Experience Studio as part of the partnership. This is a collaborative research-design centre that specialises in the design and construction of components and systems off-site, in a controlled environment before being assembled on-site.

This partnership will accelerate delivery of JTC’s industrial developments and buildings. It will also use Lendlease’s digital platform to design and build components. The goal is to help the build industry become more productive and adopt advanced building techniques.

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Freehold conservation shophouse at Serangoon Road is on the market for sale at $4.5 mil

Private home prices in Singapore continued to rise in the second quarter 2021. However, HDB resale values increased at a slower rate.

The most recent flash estimates from Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA), showed that private home prices rose 0.9% in Q2 2021. This is much slower than the 3.3% increase registered in the preceding quarter. Private home prices rose 7.3% annually.

Christine Sun, Senior Vice-President of Research and Analytics at OrangeTee noted that this is the fifth consecutive quarter of market growth.

Prices rose 1.8% quarter on quarter in Q2 2021, largely due to non-landed properties in the Outside of Central Region (OCR). OCR has the lowest supply of homes and prices rose the fastest.

The 0.3% price increase for the Rest of Central Region was lower than the 6.1% growth recorded in Q1 2021. The Core Central Region (CCR), however, saw a 0.6% rise.

The 0.8% price growth in landed properties was slower than the 6.7% increase in the quarter before.

Mark Yip, CEO of Huttons Asia, stated that “after a strong rise in prices in Q1 2021 some landed home owner have raised their asking price, putting them out reach of some buyers. This has resulted in a pullback, and slower price gains, in Q2 2021.”

Sun blamed the slow pace of price growth on fewer launches during Phase 2 of the Heightened Alert period, and lower supply due to delays in construction and labour crunch.

The lower prices caused a drop in the overall price index because resale properties accounted for a greater percentage of transactions. She added that caveat data from URA showed that 60.5% of both landed and unlanded homes were resale houses, which is higher than the 56.6% in this year’s first quarter.

The HDB resale marketplace saw prices rise 2.8% in Q2 2021. This is lower than the 3% increase registered in the previous quarter. Flash estimates from HDB.

Yip said that the slower price rise could be due to lower volume and resistance among buyers towards paying more cash than valuation (COV ) .

According to estimates, the Q2 2021 transaction volume will be 8% less than in the previous quarter.

“Almost all 26 cities saw lower transactions volume in Q2 2021, except for Bukit Merah and Choa Chu Kang,” shared Yip.

He explained that the lower volume was due to restrictions on viewings during Phase 2 of Heightened Alert. However, there is still a lot of interest in resale flats despite delays in new homes being completed.

He said that total 106 HDB flats were sold for $1 million or more in the first half 2021, as compared to 82 transactions in 2018 and 64 in 2019.

Yip anticipates that there will be more than 200 million-dollar flat transactions this year.

He stated that while it might make headlines because of its transacted value, these transactions represent less than 1% overall transaction volume for the year.

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Two Strata Office Units are up for sale in CBD areas

The era of a flat plays a bigger role over if the apartment is situated in a non-mature estate, states Huttons in its study report.

With connectivity and conveniences advancing in non-mature estates, a number of the resale level costs in non-mature estates have inched closer to people in older property, it discovered, citing the instance of a five-room apartment in Punggol that brought $910,000, in contrast with a five-room apartment in Clementi that controlled $1.095 million.

In general, resale costs for apartments in non-mature property have increased greater than those in older estates, therefore narrowing the cost gap between both forms of property, and finds the research consultancy.

The average costs of two-room apartments attracted a premium, or are greater, compared to their counterparts in older estates. This is a result of the era of the apartments — trades of those two-room apartments are on average less than a decade old, in contrast to an average age of over 35 years in older estates.

In cases like this, a decaying lease includes a “greater effect” on the purchase price of the apartment, despite being in a property that is mature, it highlights.

Meanwhile, for three-room apartments, the cost gap between older estates and non-mature property has narrowed through time.

This climbed to 81,623 three-room apartments in 2019, a rise of 19,015 apartments over eight decades. By comparison, there was an accession of 2,822 three-room apartments in older estates over precisely the exact same period, 6.7 times less compared to people at non-mature estates.

The cost gap stays stable for four-room apartments between older and non-mature estates, in which it discovered that both the typical age of transacted four-room apartments in older and non-mature estates began to decrease around precisely the exact same time.

On the flip side, the cost gap for five-room apartments in non-mature property and older property has narrowed. This is a result of the reduced supply of these apartments in older property and a greater quantity of newer five-room apartments in non-mature home, which brought down the average age of apartments from non-mature estates.
By 2011 to 2019, 5,063 five-room apartments in older estates were offered within the span. Over precisely the exact same period, 25,319 five-room apartments were inserted in non-mature estates.

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Batam township with a decade-long property project marks Tuan Sing’s magnum opus in Indonesia

Post-completion, Phu Long will hold the remaining 40% interest in the business, which owns a plot of land situated in Nha Be District, Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) where land use right certificates are issued.

Keppel Land and Phu Long strategy to collectively develop about 40 landed houses on the 1.5-hectare website, which is situated adjacent to the present Celesta residential job which Keppel Land and Phu Long are now jointly developing. The website is located along the lively Nguyen Huu Tho southern thoroughfare, which links Saigon South into HCMC’s CBD.

The Website is near many conveniences, such as trusted health care facilities like FV Hospital and Tam Duc Heart Hospital, in Addition to leading educational institutions like the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) University Vietnam, the American International School, the British Vietnamese International School and Saigon South International School. Additionally, entertainment and lifestyle offerings which are available near include SC VivoCity and Crescent Mall.

The entire development cost for your project, inclusive of property price, is anticipated to be in surplus of VND800 billion (roughly $47.1 million).

To this end, Keppel Land has also entered into a shareholders’ agreement with Phu Long in connection with their individual shareholding from Phuoc Kien as well as the combined development of the project.

The conclusion of this acquisition, subject to the satisfaction of conditions precedent, is anticipated to happen by June.

The transaction isn’t expected to have any material effect on the earnings per share and net tangible asset per share of Keppel Corporation for its present fiscal year.

Joseph Low, president (Vietnam) in Keppel Land, states that the organization is eager to strengthen its strategic partnership with Phu Long. “We feel that there’ll be strong need for these landed houses, given that their strategic location, superb connectivity and closeness to a lot of public conveniences,” he states.

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Tender for GLS sites at Lentor Central and Tampines Street 62 released for sale

At two Cluny Hill, a home in the form of a yacht is presently under construction. Though it is just another nine to 12 months prior to completion, the fantastic Class Bungalow (GCB) recently changed hands for about $63.7 million or in an album $4,291 psf, though a caveat has not yet been lodged. (View: Good Class Bungalow in Jervois Hill on the marketplace for $37.8 mil)

This newest cost of $4,291 psf supersedes the 4,005 psf paid to get a GCB in Nassim Road from Dr Shi Xu, creator of Singapore-listed Nanofilm Technologies, along with his wife, Jin Xiao Qun in the end of March.

The purchaser of this GCB in Cluny Hill is supposedly a Singaporean entrepreneur at the technology industry who is in his early 30s. But he would like to stay anonymous. “He was quite particular about what he wished to purchase,” states Bruce Lye, managing partner of SRI, who brokered the purchase. “He adores the surrounding greenery, and there are just a few places offering this. Aside from the Cluny place, another is that the GCB place at Peirce Road, Beside the Dempsey Region.”

And the purchaser wanted something “new”, adds Lye. Having seen “a great deal of areas”, he hadn’t discovered anything that fulfilled his requirements before he came upon two Cluny Hill. Lye approached the owners of their house on his behalf. “The owners were originally reluctant to market as this will be their residence,” relates Lye. “They said they’d received several unsolicited offers and so were ready to wait. In reality, they’d rejected an offer I’d submitted previously on behalf of a Chinese customer.”

On the other hand, the Singaporean purchaser was serious in his intent. Finally, Lye ordered a dinner to the potential purchaser and sellers to meet. “Many people who approach people about purchasing the house will ask us concerning the specifications of their home but this customer did not,” says Sebastian Soh, who spoke on behalf of their loved ones, the vendors of their GCB at two Cluny Hill. “He listened and came to our story and he purchased into our dream house.”

The dinner was followed by a telephone call the following day through which the purchaser asked for some small alterations to the home that were then agreed upon. “We would not have sold for this very real buyer that looked before us” based on Soh. “We had no introduction cost and he made an offer” To demonstrate his sincerity in buying the home, the purchaser paid a 30% deposit of $19.1 million upfront.

Fantastic Class Bungalow: Maiden job under Meir Homes

Past a family residence, two Cluny Hill was additionally Soh’s very first job under his company, Meir Homes. “we would like to provide them a complete suite of solutions in accordance with their way of life, without them needing to go through the frustration of dealing with the government, architects, project contractors and consultants,” states Soh.

He was scouting about for his very first job in 2018 when his family bought the GCB at two Cluny Hill in September that year.

Soh’s dad had bought the site given its place in the Cluny region and closeness to the Singapore Botanic Gardens, which he said”seldom came out there”. A home developer turned shophouse investor, Soh’s dad, David Soh, had developed the present family dwelling, a three-storey detached home in Wiltshire Roadoff Lucky Heights. He wanted a larger house for the whole household: he and his wife, together with their six kids, together with Soh being the eldest.

“The property has been called’The House of Botanics’ from respect to the environment and that we’re extremely blessed to be found right opposite a Unesco heritage site,” states Soh.

The concept and layout of this home were motivated by the Singapore Botanic Gardens, joins Robin Tan, chief architect of Wallflower Architecture + Design, the design architect for two Cluny Hill. Iconic structures inside the Singapore Botanic Gardens that motivated Tan and determined the design of this job were all the Bandstand, an octagonal shaped noodle constructed in 1930 in which regimental bands utilized to perform along with also the Shaw Foundation Symphony Stage, where concerts are played.

In a sense, the plan of this house was likewise dependent on the form of the website, which can be elongated, notes Tan. That explains the form of the home, that resembles a yacht out of the other side, he adds.

A good deal of the substances utilized for your home, from rock choice, accessories and furniture, were imported, adds Tan. Toilet fittings are in the brand Gessi, whilst kitchen appliances are top-end German manufacturer, Gaggenau.

Soh estimates the entire cost of building and fitting from the GCB in Cluny Hill equates to “roughly $15 million”.

Prices have jumped over time. “Back in 2000, my initial GCB customer paid $450 psf for the GCB website,” remembers Wallflower Architecture’s Tan. “It was following the Asian Financial Crisis: She paid roughly $5 million for the property and $2 million to construct the brand new GCB, which was $7 million in total.

This was just another reason why the purchaser was prepared to pay a premium for its GCB in Cluny Hill, adds SRI’s Lye. “He knew it’d cost a good deal more and require another four years to finish the GCB if he had been to purchase an older GCB and redevelop that, particularly in the present uncertainty with Covid-19,” he adds.

Building of the GCB in Cluny Hill has become in the roof level, and the land was initially scheduled for completion at the end of 2021. However, as a result of delays in construction because of Covid, it’s very likely to be completed sometime in 3Q2022.

Buyers are more prepared to purchase GCBs which are still under construction and cover a premium, notes Lye. “If they had been to create a brand new GCB from scratch, then it might take at least four decades. Plus they do not wish to wait”

Sellers, on the other hand, are hesitant to market their own GCBs unless they could attain a listing price for your house in their own locale, adds Lye. Anecdotally, the asking price of a number of the old properties in the prime GCB places is in the assortment of $4,000 to $4,500 psf, while new ones have attained $6,000 psf, based on Lye.

For additional bragging rights, the GCB at two Cluny Hill is back-to-back using the GCB in Cluny Park which cameo-ed as”the Goh Mansion” from the 2018 film, Crazy Rich Asians. When they purchased the home, it was a source of entertainment for those Sohs to find the tour buses push beyond their house en route to”the Goh Mansion”. Whoever owns this GCB in Cluny Park has since repainted the façade gloomy, but the golden fountain remains visible as soon as the gates have been opened.

“The GCB scene has changed in the past two decades,” states Wallflower’s Tan.

The Sohs are searching for a new family dwelling. In light of this pandemic and the want for more outdoor area, they’d now must locate a larger GCB. “We need more outdoor area due to Covid,” he states.

Belgravia Ace brochure

A fantastic Class Bungalow (GCB) in 24 Coronation Road West, constructed 50 decades back, has been made available for sale. For the past 30 decades, it was tenanted into a British expatriate few who’ve since relocated.

Register your showflat appointment to be obtain Belgravia Ace brochure.

The GCB sits on a 24,000 sq feet, freehold plot using a gentle downward-sloping terrain to the back of the house. The Present entrance to the house is out of Coronation Road Westoff Holland Road. “The allure of the website is the new home can be reoriented to confront Jalan Sampurna,” says Tay. “By doing so, the land would seem to be on an elevated site when seen from Jalan Sampurna.”

Changing the orientation and street access would mean needing to change the speech of their house into 9 Jalan Sampurna. “That is a wonderful speech as’Sampurna’ means’ideal’ in Malay,” says Tay. The change of speech would also signify the GCB will be a part of this Oei Tiong Ham GCB enclave at District 10.

It wouldn’t be the initial home at Coronation Road West in which the proprietor has forsaken the speech. Tay points into the GCB second door, in which building works are now underway. He’d brokered the sale of their house three decades ago as it had been 22 Coronation Road West.

The purchaser of this GCB in 22 Coronation Road West was able to attain approval from the government to convert the speech to 7 Jalan Sampurna. “When seen from this street, it appears like a royal, elevated storyline,” says Tay.

Considering that the natural incline of the terrain, the newest 21/2-storey GCB being constructed on the website can integrate a basement garage and amusement space without needing to cut on the property as too much, he adds.

The GCB in 24 Coronation Road West will appreciate similar website features, notes Tay.

But, building price has also climbed. At the pre-Covid age, building price was approximately $500 psf. However, with disruption into the building industry because of Covid, it’s very likely to put in the $800 to $1,000 psf range, reckons Tay. A brand new 12,000 sq ft home would therefore price between $9.6 million and $12 million to assemble. When added into the property price of $37 million, the entire price of this GCB will be anywhere from $46.6 million to $49 million.

Placing new benchmark Rates

Meanwhile, the recently developed GCBs in the region now have asking prices of $3,000 psf, notes Tay, meaning a fresh bungalow sitting on a land area of 24,000 sq feet would have the ability to control a $72 million price tag.

In addition, the website at 24 Coronation Road West is going to have the ability to adapt a basement garage home 12 to 15 cars without needing an excessive amount of excavation, given the terrain, quotes Tay. The house has a 40m frontage also, which is very uncommon for a website of such a dimension, ” he notes. “The very best way to unlock the value of the land is to create an impressive mansion,” he reckons.

Adjacent to the land in 24 Coronation Road West is a state-owned remnant land — a thin strip of roughly 8,000 sq ft. The purchaser of this land could employ to Singapore Land Authority (SLA) for approval to buy the website and amalgamate it with all the land to make a larger plot.

The land in Coronation Road West is available for sale by private treaty. “The owners haven’t corrected their cost expectations,” says Tay. “They are seeking to market at a reasonable price”

In the last few decades, big GCB plots are sought-after from the ultra-rich. Only off Oei Tiong Ham Park is currently Leedon Park, at which a GCB sitting on a 44,435 sq feet, freehold plot brought $73 million ($1,643 psf) past September. Both are old possessions which are very likely to be redeveloped.
Repricing, tries to break new documents

The present home is very likely to be torn down and redeveloped, based on real estate brokers knowledgeable about this website.

Observing that trade on Nassim Road, additional GCB owners at the Nassim region in addition to other prime GCB regions like Cluny, Chatsworth and Bishopsgate are currently expecting that their land would subsequently be sold in a new record cost.

“As costs move up in such prime places, buyers will begin to see more worth in GCB places neaerer into amenites such as colleges, shopping and greenery, in places like Holland Road and Bukit Timah,” notes Tay.

Located right across the street is an outdated fashioned home in 5 Lengkok Merak, that market landed property developer Sevens Group bought for $6.9 million ($1,905 psf) in January this year. The home, which sits on a freehold site of 3,622 sq feet, will be redeveloped to a new two-storey home with a built-up region of 9,160 sq feet and five en suite bedrooms. The land is currently scheduled for completion in 4Q2022.

But, Sevens Group plans to launch the land available sometime in the next half of the year.

Sevens Group had purchased another semi-detached home within One Tree Hill estate before last July. It had been the land at 12 Jalan Arnap, which sits on a freehold land region of 3,156 sq feet and has been bought for about $ 6.8 million ($2,170 psf). The property has been redeveloped to a brand new double-storey, semi-detached home with a built-up region of 8,235 sq ft. it’s scheduled for completion at 3Q2022.

“We’re pricing the job near $4,000 psf,” states Eric Cheng, founder and CEO of Sevens Group. “We’re attempting to set a new record for the region.”
Snapping up websites in the East

In the end of April, Sevens Group offered a corner detached home on a site of merely 2,757 sq feet on Guillemard Road for about $ 5.8 million ($2,104 psf), two months after launch it available for sale. It’s a brand new high concerning psf cost for a finished house because enclave.

The developer was competitive in getting sites: Getting bought 11 websites over 55 days each year for a total of $70 million, it followed suit with the other 20 websites for $127 million last year, according to Cheng. The vast majority of those acquisitions are centered on the oriental region, a place he is acquainted with.

Towards the end of June, Sevens Group plans to launch a brand new terraced home at 7C Figaro Street at Opera Estate, at the east.

The site was big enough to be subdivided into two smaller terraced house websites, and redeveloped. The intermediate terraced home was snapped off-plan in January this year, although the corner terraced home is still available for sale.

Other sites from the southern area that Sevens Group has snapped include a 20,007 sq feet, freehold website at East Coast Terrace at District 15, which the developer plans to redevelop to three pairs of semi-detached homes. The developer recently obtained two websites with a combined land area of 20,860 sq feet along Mountbatten Road, which is redeveloped to a detached home and 2 pairs of semi-detached homes.

Cheng has also bought a detached home in Pasir Ris, which he plans to redevelop to a detached house and some of semi-detached homes.

Backed by strong demand, the cost index for landed personal land surged 6.7% q-o-q at 1Q2021, outpacing the increase in the non-landed private land price index over precisely the exact same interval, notes Nicholas Mak, head of research to ERA Realty.

Really, the 6.7% q-o-q gain in the 1Q2021 cost index for landed home followed a 1.6% fall in 4Q2020, says Tricia Song, Colliers International head of research for Singapore. She adds that”this attracts landed home cost index to an all time summit”, which will be 3.6% over the prior summit in 3Q2013.

Belgravia Ace condo floor plan

Local property service ERA Network Realty is dispersing grants worth $1,340 to every ERA Singapore broker. This is a portion of its 2021 Covid-19 Business Support Strategy to which the provider is donating over $10 million.

Belgravia Ace condo floor plan featuring 3-storey 100 strata terrace houses and 18 strata semi-detached houses in a perfect ambience.

Three grants will be supplied, and they’ll cover electronic adoption, skill upgrading, and career development support. The bureau anticipates over 8,000 ERA real estate brokers to gain from such grants.

ERA agents can assert a $700 grant to encourage their adoption of electronic technology and solutions resources. The business states that the $500 is allocated to establishing a custom domain name and hosting of a private site, in addition to job site and virtual tours. The remaining $200 may be used for electronic tools and electronic services.

The following award of $356 will be dispersed to encourage representative instruction, of which $76 could be utilized for Continuing Professional Development classes.

ERA agents may also exploit the 283.50 career grant to cancel their real estate agent license renewal, even if compensated inside the October 1–31, 2020 cycle.

Belgravia Ace launch price

Whoever owns a five-room HDB executive flat in 505 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 8 is currently selling the home for $899,000. However, this unit was initially composed of two adjoining three-room apartments once the block was constructed in 1980.

Belgravia Ace launch price coveted freehold strata landed housing featuring 3-storey 100 strata terrace houses and 18 strata semi-detached houses in a perfect ambience.

1 apartment was initially a corner component of approximately 870 sq feet, while the other was a corridor unit which also was a floor space of approximately 870 sq ft. The strata name also comprises a 6m entry corridor. When the owners purchased both three-room apartments about 20 decades back, they applied to HDB to unite them under one name.

Because of this, this uncommon executive flat has a whole floor space of 1,755 sq ft. The asking cost equates into $512 psf.

The size of the apartment puts it from the class of jumbo HDB flats that vary from 1,442 sq feet to approximately 2,000 sq ft. Jumbo apartments were provided by HDB in a period of oversupply from the public housing market throughout the 1990s, and every apartment was made by merging two adjoining units.

Jumbo apartments are a somewhat rare HDB apartment type. In accordance with HDB, just about 480 of those flats were made in Woodlands, Yishun and Jurong East.
Conversion strategy

Based on Jason Tan, branch division manager at ERA Realty who’s promoting the executive flat, apartment owners may nevertheless employ to HDB to unite adjacent three-room or smaller apartments below the HDB Conversion Scheme.

“For buyers who don’t wish to go through that procedure, buying a flat that has been merged is your next best choice.

The HDB estate can be close to a number of colleges and educational associations.

Dependent on the floorplan, the device retains the dividing wall which had initially separated the 2 apartments, together with separate living rooms, kitchens and bathrooms according to the original layout.

According to Tan, the owners purchased the apartment with the intent of leasing the chambers. Now, just two tenants are remaining at the apartment in addition to the owners,” he says.

“When we listed the apartment available at the beginning of April 2021, I chased 10 distinct viewings within the first two weekends.

He adds that many buyers that have come to look at the unit have signaled they intend to demolish the wall. “Many of the significant prospective buyers that have come to look at the unit are searching for a new house that can adapt their family and a few elongated family members. There are a few young couples that are thinking about this apartment as their very first house,” says Tan.

Requirement for renovations

The apartment remains in its initial condition and a few renovations would be required until the new owner moves,says Tan. According to his expertise, he reckons that renovations with this apartment could vary from $100,000 to approximately $150,000, based on the kind and quality of fittings and also the degree of the renovations.

Tan has also worked with interior designer company Rezt+Relax Interior Layout to make artists’ impressions of what the device could seem like when revived. He states that this helps prospective buyers visualise the distance and helps them determine whether it suits their requirements.

Based on HDB revenue statistics, the priciest jumbo HDB apartment sold in the previous four decades was a 1,786 sq ft flat at 460 Tampines Street 42 that brought $990,000 (roughly $554 psf) at October 2018.

Though the HDB resale market has witnessed strong trades over the previous couple of months and much more buyers forking out cash-over-valuation in addition to HDB valuations to procure their preferred home, Tan claims that this distinct jumbo flat is not likely to garner a significant COV.

“Present resale trades in the surrounding cubes reveal that the present manual price for this particular unit remains within expectations. Although it’s a comparatively old apartment, it’s also a rare configuration boasting a massive living area,” says Tan.

He anticipates the jumbo apartment to appeal to a range of buyers, such as younger, first-time buyers and elderly homeowners seeking to right-size their own property.

Belgravia Ace showflat

A freehold two-storey conservation shophouse in 616 Serangoon Road is up for sale at a guide price of $4.5 million, according to CBRE, which is promoting the property.

Belgravia Ace showflat is situated in the calm Seletar Hills neighbourhood. The Belgravia Drive and off Ang Mo Kio property is a coveted freehold strata landed housing featuring 3-storey

The shophouse occupies a property of approximately 1,498 sq feet, with a gross floor space of roughly 2,419 sq ft. it’s zoned for industrial use with a gross plot ratio of 3.0, and can be situated inside the Jalan Besar Maximum Settlement Conservation Area.

“The shophouse is presently being utilized as a workplace. The successful purchaser can research converting the area into a gym/fitness center or even a restaurant to improve rental income, subject to endorsement by the relevant government,” states Clemence Lee, senior manager, capital markets, Singapore, in CBRE.

Dramatic Industrial developments in the Region comprise Centrium Square, Uptown @ Farrer, Tekka Place, City Square Theater and Aperia Mall.

Foreigners are entitled to buy the house, and no extra purchaser’s stamp duty or vendor’s stamp duty will be levied on the buy price.

Belgravia Ace in Ang Mo Kio

2 strata office components at the CBD are available, in accordance with Knight Frank, which will be selling the possessions.

The properties include a single office unit at GB Building and yet another office unit at Suntec Tower 1, and may be bought individually or as a portfolio. When requested, Knight Frank didn’t disclose the cost for those properties.

Belgravia Ace in Ang Mo Kio is an excellent location that will allow the developer to maximize the convenience and good access to amenities and important areas like the city.

Present strata office trades within GB Building comprise the components on Level 7, that have been offered for about $ 9.5 million or $1,751 psf at November 2020, says Knight Frank.

The office in Suntec Tower 1 which is up available spans 3,498 sq feet of strata place at Level 15. Suntec Tower 1 is a portion of the Suntec City integrated development, which is made up of five Grade-A office towers, a mall along with a conference and exhibition center.

Recent strata office trades within Suntec Tower 1 comprise a unit on Level 21 which has been marketed for $11.3 million or $2,900 psf in February this year, and yet another unit situated on Level 37 of Suntec Tower 2 which has been marketed $8.68 million or $2,965 psf at January, Knight Frank says.

Both locals and foreigners are entitled to buy the resources, which can be zoned for commercial usage. There’ll not be any extra purchaser’s stamp duty or vendor’s stamp duty levied on buying these properties.