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Lat buyers at 17 Build to Order (BTO), projects that were completed during COVID-19 saw delays of no more then six months. This was according to Channel News Asia (CNA), citing the Housing and Development Board.

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About two-thirds (or about 3) of all 25 BTO projects that were delivered between January 2020 and February 2020 were delivered by these 17 projects. HDB stated that the eight other projects were delayed by 7-10 months.

HDB has delivered more than 16,000 flats in total since January 2013.

The average wait time for 25 BTO projects was 4.1 years. It took between 2.4 to 5.3 years.

HDB explained that construction projects were delayed by “circuit breakers” last year, which resulted in global supply disruptions, “stringent but essential” safety management measures and work stops.

The Housing Board provided details of some assistance measures for one of the 25 projects, Bedok North Vale. This project features 215 units in two blocks.

Construction began in May 2017 and was completed in the first quarter of 2020.

All constructions were stopped during the circuit breaker from April 2020 to June 2020.

HDB worked closely with China Construction Realty, a project contractor, in order to resolve challenges that prevented construction work from starting again after the end of the circuit breaker.

It helped expedite the approval process for two temporary living quarters at the site. This reduced the risk of infection and the number of workers who had to commute to the site daily.

HDB also collaborated with China Construction Realty in the demarcation of work zones. This allowed the contractor to “promptly identifie and quarantine” close contacts after a worker has tested positive for COVID-19.

According to HDB, “Works were allowed to resume at site after only three days” which avoided a longer delay and minimized disruptions to overall construction timeline.

HDB also performed virtual inspections, which were able to reduce the need for people on-site and complement physical inspections.

The completion of Bedok North Vale took place in December 2020, approximately six months after its original expected completion date.

HDB reported that more than 90% of flat owners had received their keys by September’s end.

HDB stated that the pandemic affected all of our building contractors, but to varying degrees depending on their financial resources.

HDB regularly checks in with consultants and building contractors to resolve problems and provide assistance.

To increase its “sources for feedback” and to pick up on emerging issues quickly, it also engaged key sub-contractors as well as suppliers to BTO projects.

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